Die erste DIMension

Status analysis with risk evaluation

Inspection of the data center status with indication of its operational risks. Classification of the resulting failure and risk potential for the business.

Die zweite DIMension

Assessment of feasibility, risk elimination

Demonstration of possibilities to eliminate identified risks, structured in project cluster, documented with cost approximates and suggestions of realisation.

Die dritte DIMension

Profile of requirements and specification sheet

Definition of the requirements for a highly available, secure and economic data center operation - in qualitative as well as quantitative respect.

Die vierte DIMension

Concept of realisation

Implementation of the specifications from the profile of requirements and specification sheet on a concrete example, so that the cost-benefit of the realisation is assured.

Die siebte DIMension

Know-how donorship

Specialist support of the involved architects and engineers - securing to achieve the set quality objectives from the profile of requirements.

Die neunte DIMension

Data center audit

Detection and reviewing of the data center's portfolio quality, referring back to the individualised reference model in terms of availability, security, efficiency.

Die neunte DIMension

Monitoring & Alarmreceiving Center

Consulting and planning for alarm centers and / or emergency and service centers in accordance with DIN 50518 part 1-3 and VdS 3138, including support or accompaniment of recognition and certification procedures

Data center planning and security architecture

Expertise and competence in datacenters, acquired in more than 500 successfully carried out projects.