About us

Gerhard Leo Büttner
Our shared values:
  • Passion for service
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Loyalty
  • Achieving high quality results and meeting deadlines

Before the planning comes the study

Before the employees of DIM start with the implementation of the concepts in planning and execution, a lot of work went into the project already. The head of the company takes it into his own hands:
Graduate Gerhard Leo Buettner brings with him the personal experience of more than 500 carried out data center projects.
The company's success is based on highly qualified overall planning under the aspect of holistic security, applied to data centers, banks and high-tech building.

A regular update of rules, regulations and standards will gurantee the necessary know-how for:
  • Management consultancy
  • Planning services in the fields of architecture, structural engineering, electrical / power supply, communikations- and data networks, alarm systems, extinguishing systems, air conditioning technology, computer-specific expansion, structural explosives safety, etc.
  • Know-how donorship
  • Project Management

One-stop planning ensures quality, reliability, availability, efficiency and creativity and last but not least creativity in the design!

The client finds the solution in the study already. The continuation of the concept and its execution is an essential feature in DIM's portfolio.
"Everything from one source" DIM manages independently of manufacturer to the bid and award phase, with an absolute deadline and price loyalty. Especially in high security areas specialized know-how is essential for successful work: Many years of experience and proven reliability stand the test with each new project.

The Company

  • Managing Partner:
  • Ing Gerhard Leo Buettner
  • Director: Simonetta Büttner
  • Founded in 1970 originally as a subsidiary of Siemens AG
  • Since 1975, overall data center designing
  • Since 2011 Datacenter Infrastructure Munich
  • 500 projects successfully processed
  • All specialists in house (architects, air conditioning engineers, electrical engineers, alarm system designers, structural engineers, fire prevention experts)

The range of services: from consulting to planning - from concept to the last detail

1. Management consultancy

  • Induction of business decisions
  • Protection objective definitions
  • Operating Procedure / Datacenter organization
  • Description of the individual functions of the BAS
  • (MRP area)
  • Evaluation of the hardware
  • Extract from the computer specifications
  • First planning data electric / air
  • Safety / In-house network
  • Construction / upgrading
  • Linear layouts
  • Relocation Strategy / TP network switching
  • Initial investment cost estimate
  • Cost-benefit optimization

2. Know-how donorship

Technical supervision of the planning architects and engineers as a staff position of the client with elaboration of basic concepts and decision making support for the client
  • Interface co-ordination of all planning works
  • Development of alternatives
  • Updating of planning objectives
  • Approval of plans
  • Settlement patterns
  • Ongoing quality control and much more